Friday, 11 July 2008

"God only knows I can't live without you..."

This entry takes it's title from the song being played in Heart Buchanan this afternoon. Yes, I went there for the second time this week, and spent significantly more money this time as well! In addition to the lovely chocolate milkshake they've got me addicted to, I also bought a baguette and the most amazing piece of cake (tonight's dessert!) So let's begin with the facts.
Heart Buchanan (which I strangely used to call I Heart Buchanan, probably some subconscious thing) is located at 380 Byres Road in the West End. The shop (which also has the kitchen/café next door) is small but is by no means over-crowded or cramped. Floor-to-ceiling shelves run one length of the wall, while the other side encompasses the deli counter (which is almost as long as the shelves). They also have a small fridge (well, OK, not that small) that has the usual organic milks and creams, but also Chorizo, gnocchi, quail eggs, and freshly made pestos (basil and rocket), aliolis, and tapenades. The café next door offers coffees and sandwiches, along with things from the deli counter and the occasional specialty (like their milkshakes!) I once bought the most amazing chocolate hen. It was seated in a basket of eggs (also chocolate) and had the most detail I've ever seen on any Easter chocolate. My mother (for whom the chicken was purchased) was equally impressed.
Amazingly enough, they also offer various cookery classes, from what could be called wine appreciation, to bread-making, to budget meals for students. All of this along with other things like a class devoted to making egg related things ("Egg-cell at Eggs!"), a pasta-making class, and one devoted to the specialties of the season ("Seasonal Best Of..."). The classes run between 35 and 40 pounds per two hour session.
All of this is well documented by the amount of people that go in to look, buy, or lust after. Of course other people have recognised it as well. Heart Buchanan won the Glenfiddich Award for Food in 2003 and continues to be mentioned in The List Good Food Guide. I've begun to go there a lot, and love the fact that everyone (barring one occasion) is so friendly, helpful, and talkative!
It's a highly addictive place and a haven for foodies and anyone who appreciates good quality and local ingredients. Their mission statement confirms this. I leave you with their philosophy (one which many food emporiums could learn from):

" Heart is all about quality and choice, friendly, knowledgeable staff and great value for money. We source and sell the best food available in Europe in a friendly, unpretentious environment. Food is a passion for us - plenty of people can sell you food, but we know that nobody will be able to do it with quite the same
enthusiasm."-Heart Buchanan


Check it out the next time you're in Glasgow!
(alternatively, check out their website at:

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