Sunday, 27 July 2008

Retrospectively in Glasgow...

There are some things that are unique to a city.
Glasgow has many things, my personal favourite are the people. You see, you get these types, some of whom you meet once and will never see again while others make regular appearances. Glaswegians are lovely, friendly, down-to-earth people. What you might sock a French person for saying, a Glaswegian can get away with quite easily (true cheekiness!) So here are to all those lovely, yet somewhat eccentric types who have made an impact on me. And for the record, (lest someone think I'm describing them!) they're all strangers...

1) (from Andrew) A slightly drunken Grandmother who insisted on standing at the front of the bus and singing "Oh you cannae throw your granny off the bus" to the driver.

2) Teradactyl Man- A man (who I've yet to meet, but would like to at least see) who apparently makes Teradactyl-like noises and attempts to bite/eat people. (This gleaned via some people who thought a drunken man who made strange noises was the afforementioned Teradactyl Man, boy pointed out: "If he was Teradactyl Man, he would have tried to bite you..."

3) Not-so-silent Man- While having lunch in my favourite Italian place on Byres Road, this man proceeded to come in, sit at the counter and communicate through grunts that he wanted a coffee. He also used grunts to specify which type and ask how much it cost. Impressive.

4) Rules-of-Browsing Man- The somewhat elusive man (I don't think it's a woman?) who owns Sip and Surf (Great Western Road, Glasgow) and posts signs that amuse me. Photos are some of the signs found and somewhat clandestinely photographed.

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