Thursday, 15 January 2009

Addendum ( See Previous entry)

When I thought that things could not get any worse I was wrong.
I arrived in Karlsruhe on time and headed to my next train. I looked up at the board where I noticed a ten minute delay, which then became fifteen minutes, and then thirty. There was no way I'd make my five minute connection in Offenburg (it was only supposed to be a twenty-seven minute ride between Karlsruhe and Offenburg) , let alone the connection in Strasbourg. Nearly in tears again, I went to the Deutsche Bahn Reise Zentrum...again. After trying to re-book me with a different connection (but the same places), they asked me if I missed one whether I would be willing to spend the night in Offenburg. I explained the situation...again. Finally, they realised that there was a TGV from Karlsruhe to Paris at 19:31. I had them book me on it, then called my aunt and grandmother, the latter of which picked me up, took me home and fed me some dinner and then brought me back to the train station. I am now on my second train long-distance train of the day and will arive in Paris approximately twelve hours after my journey began. (Reminder, this normally takes six hours!) My faith in the efficiency of German trains is about as shattered as my nerves.
And for the French train arrived five minutes early.
Unfortunately that still makes the round trip journey 12 hours and 15 minutes.
Let's hope the return is better...for now I'm going to sleep (also delayed, since that was how I planned to spend the six hours on the train).
You know, maybe flying isn't so bad after all...


Russell said...

I actually think flying is pretty good.. Come to think of it, I'm considering a switch back to aerospace, I realized this week how much I love airplanes..

The Dragon said...

nice entry...

ok, listen i'll be in munich on the 23rd... hope to see you there, if not, hope you're well :)


Susanne said...
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Susanne said...

At least you should commend the DB for stranding you in a place where family can pick you up ( usually they charge extra for that ;-) )

Love Mami

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