Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Made in the U.S.S.A...

Many things make it across the ocean. After all, most of the time, for all that the Europeans complain about Americans, they actually love all things American. Here are some new additions to the 'Now in Europe' Category...

The latest addition to Germany and France....Subway! It's called a footlong, but you actually have to order it in centimeters! Want Schinken (German word for ham) on it? Ask for ham, not Schinken!
As most college kids in America know, this is just one of the wonderful ways you too can have breakfast without any cooking skills at all. Simply add water!

Ok, so it's not made in Germany but rather in Illinois, and it's imported and it's not as good as Deluxe, but it will make do as occasional comfort food with a 2,89 Euro price.

For those with a larger appetite (and a pot) you can now have real ramen in real time. It didn't cost that much to send, but now it's even cheaper (leaving more room for other things)!

They have Campbell's in Germany.!..only the brand is called Erasco. The chicken cup of soup tastes like home...I've yet to try the tomato.

Perfect for catching up on fibre defficiencies. Too bad they don't have the snack size!

How could I forget the Heinz ketchup? Now with witty sayings in German...

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