Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Bag For All Seasons...

If only there were such a thing!
Ever since I've been able to carry things I've carried a purse. (and yes, there are photos to document this) I once asked my mother why I liked carrying her purses so much. Her answer was that the purses were mine. Being three at the time, I have no idea what I carried in my purses nor why I needed to carry one at all. What I'm really saying is that the obsession began young. Once my father moved to Paris, and I became old enough to carry a purse for the more common reasons, the unique little-known-designer and boutique bags began appearing. For a short time in high school my mother would even ask to borrow a bag if she didn't have the right one for the occasion. For all that she bemoaned my "having too many bags", (and I admit to having a reasonable number for a girl) I still am rather picky when it comes to choosing one. It's not about the brand (though I do have favourites), but rather the quality, how it looks and works on the inside, and (it will sound silly) the fantasy. I usually buy my purses a season before I can actually use them. It usually precludes any buying of clothes or shoes and sometimes gives me an idea for what I want to be wearing that season. Of course the other perk of buying a bag is the bag it comes in (see photo at beginning of entry). You may be thinking, what's this? A bag for a bag? Well, the better the quality of the purse, the better the bag it comes in! So without further ado, here are my purses of 2008/2009:

FALL 2008

Marc Labat
(Paris, Soldes 2008*)
(* The French word for the summer sales, generally the best place to pick up good bargains. If you are in Paris in January, check out the winter sales. It's best to go on the first day as towards the end of the week you'll only find a deal if you wear a larger size...)

Lucky Brand Jeans
(birthday present from my mom, 2008)


Mouvance De Mova
(Christmas present from my dad 2008)


I'm only showing my summer bag since this year I pretty much carried the last three bags through the spring. I had some others that I carried as well but I will save those for another entry...

(Paris, soldes 2009, also from my dad)

And for Fall 2009...
(Munich, Summer sales 2009)


While at the Paris soldes, I also picked these up...

Longchamp - Wallet

Arthur & Ashton - Change Purse


Russell said...

A shopper in the know should always know about the rule of J's. You mention the summer sales. All that goes to prove is that the French actually do steal some style from us. The art of the June, July (Summer), January sales originated in New York in the early 20th century and has continued to this day.

Hence the rule of J's, the times with the buys.

Z said...

I adore the Zara bag, and the Longchamp wallet! My mother brought back a longchamp tote from Paris for me, and I have absolutely worn it to death.

Bags are so wonderful... you never need to worry about fitting into them!

Lena said...

I haven't bought a Longchamp tote yet, mostly because even when they are on sale I can't make up my mind which colour to buy!