Friday, 21 August 2009

A Munich Retrospective: Jewelberry: Where Good Things Come in Small (Attractive) Packages...

While flipping through some German fashion magazines, I came upon a small feature about a jewelry store named Jewelberry. I cut out the article, mainly because of its contents, which essentially described a a pretty cool sounding jewelry vending machine. It seemed like a brilliant idea, and I vowed to check out the website. However like most things I cut out or circle, I forgot all about it. One day, while wandering back from my favourite Thai place in Munich, I discovered that Jewelberry was not only in Munich, but in fact hidden right around the corner from where I lived!
I bought a necklace from the vending machine (since the store was closed), for the price of 4 Euros, which came in an adorable little box. A few weeks later I returned with my camera to take some photos so I could share it here. I'm personally especially in love with the gold hummingbird necklace featured in this entry (costs approx. 69 Euros).

Jewelberry is definitely worth a visit if you are in Munich (It's centrally located and around the corner from the Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz). For those of you not so lucky, they also have a website (which also does international orders).


Utzschneiderstr. 10
80469 München

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