Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Live in Life...Beautified!

For those of you who can't get enough of my blogs get ready to welcome the newest addition!

It's an exciting new blog co-written with my best friend (and partner-in-crime) Lina!
Here's what we've cooked up so far:

Let's face it, good things happen. More often than not we focus on the negative. Life Beautified's plan is to do exactly what our name says! Lena and Lina are here to tell you about all types of beauty, from internal, to external so that when that stupid boy or girl hurts you, or just plain doesn't know you exist that you can turn it around and realise that you were more worth it than he or she was anyway...

Live in Life...Beautified!

Lena and Lina

Come check us out (and then help us spread the word!) at: http://life-beautified.blogspot.com/
We're on Twitter too!

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Au Revoir said...

hey i tried viewing your blog but each time i try it kicks me out and aborts the action. idk if this is something with my internet or the site but it makes me sad.