Thursday, 3 December 2009

Paris Je t'aime...Weekend Edition

I force everyone to watch Paris Je t'aime, not only because of the fact that you get to see the neighbourhoods I know and love, but because it's honestly one of the best films...ever. It's in my top three and as a film student, these top films are sacred. If you haven't seen it, please do so immediately. I watched the film again recently and went home shortly thereafter for Thanksgiving/Birthday celebrations/home time. It always feels so good to be back in Paris. There's really just something about the city.

I spent most of the weekend sleeping and eating but managed to get down to the Louvre (where my handy membership gets me in free year-round) to check out a lovely exhibit on Venetian painters and...the Apple store. A travesty to most, and a perk for some, the store sits just behind the inverted pyramid that everyone has their photo taken with (well, since The Da Vinci Code anyway). I'll let you be the judge...

Other activities included walking around in the Latin Quarter, (photos to follow in another entry tomorrow-ish) and going to one of my favourite jewelry boutiques. I also tried my hand at a fair bit of nighttime photography and general Notre Dame shots. I really need to start taking my camera round Glasgow. This weekend maybe?

The fruit of all evil?

The real reason to go to the Louvre...

Strange Photo Opportunity #3, available with Apple logo!

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