Friday, 6 August 2010

L.A. Retrospective: Meet Me at Third and Fairfax, Part I

I love Farmer's Markets. Besides being a great place to eat, it's a cool environment to hang out in (and of course the added bonus is that you know where your food is coming from). As some of you might remember from previous entries, I fell completely in love with the Vikualienmarkt in Munich. The Farmer's Market at Third and Fairfax is another favourite of mine. Opening in 1934 it has amazing food and is one of the the perfect places to find unique souvenirs, or to just people-watch. On my last full day in L.A., I decided to head down there to avoid feeling lonely. I love museums and shopping, but downtown Hollywood feels like the sort of place you would rather explore with someone else. It took me awhile to get down to the farmer's market, but luckily the bus went directly there (not that walking is a problem, but a walking cast makes things significantly more difficult). On a side note, the buses are a very good indication of the area you are in. The one I took up and down Sunset Boulevard each day was pretty mundane. The one I took to Rodeo Drive was a mix of tourists and professionals while the one to the Farmer's Market included a homeless woman, a lot of rocker types (including a guy with blue suede shoes who was trying to look like Elvis), and a mysophobic (fear of germs) who sat on a Target circular (which she left behind) and touched all surfaces with a folded paper towel.
I arrived at the Farmer's Market in time to have a late lunch. I say late because it always takes forever to choose what you are having. The specialties are generally the deli counters that offer things like fresh horseradish and kosher pickles and the institutions like Bennett's Ice Cream (come here for made-on-site ice cream (many creative flavours) and really good milkshakes!)
I ended up at Phil's Deli & Grill (they are known for their Cheesesteaks) with a roast beef sandwich (with horseradish of course), fries, and a black cherry soda.
I sat at the counter and ended up talking to the guy sitting next to me. Having been working in the producing world, my ears pricked up when I heard him talking about 'craft services' and 'call times.' I asked him if he worked in film. It turns out, not only did he work in film, he also worked for some pretty prestigious people and shows. I'm pretty sure at this point my eyes started doing the sparkly thing that happens when I get excited about something. I explained my interest in film and my goal of working in the industry and he offered me his card and a job (the next time I'm out in L.A.) After talking some more we each went on our way. I stuck around to look at the nifty little shops in the hopes of finding some orignal souvenirs. I ended up with some pretty cute things. I would say more but some things still haven't found their way home yet! After a lot of browsing, I headed over to The Grove to finish off the rest of the afternoon. More on that later. For now expect more photos the next entry (since they don't want to upload now this will have to become a three part series!)

You can check out the Farmer's Market at:
6333 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Metro Bus 217 (3rd Street or just ask for The Grove)

General Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00-21:00
Saturday 9:00-20:00
Sunday 10:00-19:00

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