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London Retrospective: Restaurant Reviews- Gordon Ramsay's The Narrow

Notice the patriotic bunting!
On our last day in London (this was back in May) we decided to book in for lunch at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. We didn't want anything super formal so we opted to head to East London and eat at one of Ramsay's pubs. We booked because we weren't sure what to expect. After a thirty minute journey on the underground and DLR we arrived just in time to avoid a torrential downpour. The pub was located on the Thames in what seemed to be a newer residential area. The decor was what you would expect of a beach house in New England, quaint, modern, and comfortable. Comfortable overstuffed chairs, board games, and a glassed in conservatory (which I'm sure is opened up when the weather is nice) made me wish we had pubs like it in Glasgow. 
We were seated in the conservatory next to a  large party of rather loud women. it seemed a bit counterproductive since we had booked. Our table would have been lovely otherwise but with everyone being a bit drunk and generally boisterous, it was hard to enjoy the quiet ambiance. 
We decided to order two courses from the set menu and enjoy some of the lovely beers and ciders. On a side note they have a really good selection of beer, wine and spirits. There are loads of organic options and both local and international selections (that is in addition to the usual suspects). We both ended up with the same main, the Beer-battered hake with hand-cut chips and mushy peas. It was fabulous. The fish was perfectly moist and flaky. The chips were the perfectly crisp while still retaining the softness needed to keep them from being too crunchy. Even the mushy peas (which I had prepared to leave behind since I normally despise them) were lovely flavour-infused versions of their former selves. And even if you don't enjoy tartare sauce, try it! This one was excellent and very nearly as good as the homemade remoulade I enjoyed on my Sylt holiday.
Advancing onto dessert, the boy chose the Bread and butter pudding with vanilla custard, rum and raisin ice cream while I ordered the Passion fruit posset with coconut and white chocolate cookie. Again, I wasn't sure what to expect having never had a posset before. I wasn't disappointed. The posset was divine, creamy and smooth with the perfect hint of passion fruit. The cookie was a bit dry but also good. The boy really enjoyed his dessert. Having tried it, I found it too sweet, but he assured me it was the best version of bread and butter pudding that he had had. 
So, if you venture to Limehouse to eat here the food is definitely worth it. It is more casual then I expected but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The service was OK. They were attentive enough, but didn't seem overly so (I was given a glass with something in it and she seemed not very apologetic). That is not to say that everyone we encountered was the same. The hostess appeared to be very much in control and very motivated to make sure that everyone had a good experience. 
Overall I would certainly go again. At the weekend right now they are doing a BBQ which seems like the perfect way to enjoy a BBQ in the middle of the city. See you there?

Organic HoneyDew Beer and Perronelle's Blush Cider

Beer-battered Hake hand-cut chips and mushy peas

Passion fruit posset with coconut and white chocolate cookie

Set Lunch: Two for 18 GBP, Three for 22 GBP

  • The Narrow
  • 44 Narrow Street 
  • London E14 8DP
  • 020 7592 7950

    DLR: Limehouse

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